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What is this about?

Surely you are wondering why you should use Listori. What makes it so special? Get an idea of what it is about:

Post your thoughts and inspirations

Upload your own photos or videos about everything you like from your device or your social media accounts.

List all those posts

Create lists easily and quickly with other people's posts or your own. Remember all the things that matter to you.

Shared lists

Create a list and let your friends add to it as well. Together you can find ideas or list your memories.

Private posts and lists

If you don't want to share your posts and lists with the rest of the world, no problem. Just keep them private.

Listori posts

Post all those things in life.

Upload your photos or videos about anything you like. Keep them private or public.

Find your inspirations and post them in Listori. Or just share a post to say hello. Everyone has something to show and Listori is the place to share it, easily and quickly.

Listori lists

Like something? List it!

Get inspired by posts and create your lists.

In Listori you can create lists about your favorite things, your memories or anything you like. You can keep them private, to be visible only to you or a group of friends, or just make them public and give some inspiration out there. Same interests with a friend? No problem. Just add to the same list.

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Get social!

Follow people who inspire you and let others be inspired by you.

Listori has all those benefits of social networks that help you meet interesting people or be inspired by them. Grow your network of followers by providing inspiration to them.

Yeah cool. But how can I use it?

With Listori you can create lists of your own images or videos about anything you love and your posts never get old as long as people save them to their lists. See some examples:

Can't decide what to wear? Need inspiration from somewhere or need to save the photos you took during those long hours you spent in the shops? Create a list with all the fashion trends you love. Others will definitely love them too.

Fashion Post 1
Fashion Post 2
Fashion Post 3

Is this another Saturday night when you want to go out for dinner, but can't remember the places you went and liked? Create a list with the places you've enjoyed in the past to help you make up your mind.

Food Post 1
Food Post 2
Food Post 3

Remember your exercises at the gym and all the workouts that helped. Keep a record of all those exercises that help you pump up.

Gym Post 1
Gym Post 2
Gym Post 3

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